In a world tainted by bigotry and injustice, this is a tale of acceptance, survival and love, featuring the songs of Marc Almond and Soft Cell.

We all need at least one truly accepting, safe place. Timeless and ageless, tough and tender, firm but fair, outspoken bar manager Marcia presides over just such a place; a basement space in Soho where everyone and anyone can be themselves, whether it be the 1940s, 1970s, the 1980s or in this troubled new millennium of ours.

The name of the place may change; Le Grand Guignol, Gutter Hearts, The Pink Flamingo - but the ethos never will. There is no prejudice accepted here, no hatred and no blame. Just love, acceptance and friendship - with added dancing, laughing, drinking and loving.

Welcome to Soho. Welcome to Marcia's bar!